Release Notes

April.1st 2021: Rev.3.5.1

  • Updated with bug-fix for LPC11C22 and LPC11C24 devices

Sept.15th 2017: Rev.3.5

  •  Updated with new LPC84x, LPC11E6x, and LPC11U6x devices

Mar.14th 2017: Rev.3.4

  • Updated with new LPC546xx devices
  • New feature to generate Projects for MCUxpresso IDE

Oct.10th 2016: Rev.3.3

  • Additional demo applications for LPC8xx and LPC541xx devices
  • Updated with new LPC83x and LPC436x devices
  • Additional functions to configure the peripherals of the MCU

Jun.25th 2016: Rev3.2

  • New feature to configure and generate Applications for LPC5410x
  • Updated with new LPC5411x devices

Sept.08th 2015: Rev3.1

  • New feature to generate Pin-Reference File
  • Updated with new LPC5410x devices
  • Functions added to configure the MCU Clock Generation Unit (CGU)
  • Support for µVision5 IDE

Mar.08th 2015: Rev.3.0

  • Added support for new LPC82x, LPC18Sxx, and LPC43Sxx devices
  • Added Support for the LPCOpen Software Package
  • Added Support for CMSIS compliant Startup Code

Apr.22th 2014: Rev.2.4

  • Added support for new LPC81x, LPC11U6x, LPC1500, and LPC4370 devices

Dez.28th 2012: Rev.2.30

  • Added Support for new LPC1000 and LPC40xx devices

Aug.15th 2012: Rev.2.20

  • Added Support of new LPC1000 devices
  • Feature to generate Schematic Symbols for CADSOFT Eagle V6.3
  • Feature to generate Project for IAR Workbench (EWARM)
  • Feature to generate Project for KEIL µVision4

Mai.09th 2012: Rev.2.01

  • Fixed bug with of a missing reference to the file VSFLEX3.OCX Version 3.

April.15th 2012: Rev.2.0

  • Added Support for new LPC1000, LPC1700, LPC1800 and LPC4300 devices
  • Added New Feature to generate Schematic Symbols for ALTIUM Designer

Nov.04th 2011: Rev.1.1

  • Bug-Fix Version to resolve minor issues.

Oct.23rd 2011: Rev.1.0

  • Initial Version of LPCXPERT
  • Supported Code generation for LPC18xx and LPC43xx Devices only