LPCxpert is a freeware expert tool for the NXP LPC800, LPC1000, LPC4000 and LPC54000 families of microcontrollers. It simplifies the selection of a MCU device, speeds up the creation of initialization and application code and it supports generation of an application specific schematic symbol.

LPCxpert V4.0 supports the Cortex-M0 based LPC800, LPC1100 and LPC1200 families of devices, the Cortex-M3 based LPC1300, LPC1500, LPC1700, and LPC1800 devices, as well as the Cortex-M4 based LPC4000, LPC4300 and LPC54000 families of devices. Check under "Supported Devices" for a full list.

The code generated by LPCxpert may be used with KEIL uVision, IAR EWARM, NXP MCUxpresso, or be used with other compilers or development environments.

The schematic symbols created with LPCxpert may be used with ALTIUM DESIGNER or CADSOFT EAGLE.